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Letters: Fluoride in water; tax on business

Loveland Reporter Herald | March 24 | 2023
Posted on March 24th, 2023
Location: United States, Colorado

Government report reveals danger of fluoride in water

A few years ago, I and a number of other concerned citizens attempted to persuade the city of Loveland to cease adding fluoride to our drinking water, arguing, amongst other things, that it amounted to mass medication of the populace.

Today the National Toxicology Program (NTP) has been allowed to release the results of their meta-analysis of data reporting “that 52 of 55 studies found decreases in child IQ associated with increase in fluoride, a remarkable 95% consistency,” according to the Fluoride Action Network. The NTP’s report says:

“Our meta-analysis confirms results of previous meta-analyses and extends them by including newer, more precise studies with individual-level exposure measures. The data support a consistent inverse association between fluoride exposure and children’s IQ.”

The NTP puts the magnitude of harm into perspective:

“Research on other neurotoxicants has shown that subtle shifts in IQ at the population level can have a profound impact on the number of people who fall within the high and low ranges of the population’s IQ distribution. For example, a 5-point decrease in a population’s IQ would nearly double the number of people classified as intellectually disabled.”

Links to the press release by the NTP and to the document itself can be found at the Fluoride Action Network’s website: www.fluoridealert.org

I, again, urge the city to cease the practice of adding fluoride to our water supply and urge readers to do the same.

Kathryn Jordan, Loveland

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