THE ongoing discussions regarding the proposal to fluoridate Darlington’s water supply run contrary to the latest scientific findings.

A recent Canadian study published in JAMA Pediatrics, a publication of the Journal of the American Medical Association, one of the world’s foremost medical resources, found that exposure to higher levels of fluoride during pregnancy is associated with lower IQ scores in children.

Comparing the offspring of mothers living in areas with fluoridated tap water with those in non-fluoridated areas, the researchers say their findings are consistent with a previous study conducted in Mexico which similarly showed an association between an increase in maternal fluoride exposure and lower intellectual abilities in children.

Oscar Wilde once famously observed that there is no sin except stupidity.

In light of this latest medical research, we must surely now question the wisdom of those officials who are wilfully trying to impose fluoridation on our town.

Will Darlington Council really be stupid enough to go ahead with the plan to fluoridate the town’s water supply?

In the long term interests of our children and their intellectual potential, let’s hope not.

Paul Anthony Taylor, Darlington.

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