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Lismore bakery installs filters to remove fluoride

Source: Echo NetDaily | July 2nd, 2015 | By Darren Coyne
Location: Australia

A Lismore business owner wants the Lismore City Council to chip in to help cover the costs of installing a filter to remove fluoride from the water.

Geoff Haycraft, owner of Goanna Bakery & Cafe, has just spent about $4000 for a reverse osmosis filter system in order to guarantee his food and coffee are fluoride free.

Rous Water has confirmed that the water supplies of Lismore, Ballina and surrounding areas will be fluoridated by next month, despite ongoing concerns from business owners and residents.

Mr Haycraft has written to the general manager and councillors of Lismore to raise his concerns about the introduction of fluoride.

‘The imminent introduction of fluoride into Lismore’s water supply represents a serious threat to the wellbeing and economic future of my business,’ he wrote.

‘As such, I have felt compelled to take the necessary action to protect not only the livelihood of myself and my thirty staff, but also the interests of the thousands of our customers whose patronage is driven by their desire for clean, chemical free food.

Mr Haycraft said if the council was serious about supporting the economic viability and future of his business, then I can expect that it will be happy to reimburse the costs involved in filtering the water.

‘The alternative position would be that, not only does  council consider it reasonable to bypass the community’s democratic right to vote in a referendum regarding its continued access to clean water, but also that it is acceptable to directly and explicitly do harm to businesses (Goanna is not the only business affected) in its municipality without any responsibility taken or acknowledged.’

Mr Haycraft said the filtration system cost $2315, plumbing and installation cost $1237.50 and stands for the tanks cost $300.

‘I should also mention that there will be ongoing costs with the replacement of filters in the future,’ he said.

Mr Haycraft is considering taking his appeal directly to the next meeting of the Lismore City Council.