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Lismore: Tight vote for fluoride

Source: Northern Rivers Echo | December 11th, 2013 | By Andy Parks
Location: Australia

LISMORE Council has reaffirmed its commitment to fluoridating the town’s water supply after another fiery debate last night.

The vote remained the same as it was in September, with six councillors in favour of fluoride and five against.

A packed public gallery cheered every time somebody spoke against the mass medication of the water supply and suggested other ways to address the underlying oral health issues.

Tensions spilled over at the conclusion of the vote with one anti-fluoride protestor Andy Holm throwing his shoe at the councillors, saying it was a mark of disrespect.

Others left the chamber shouting “shame” and saying the council had no right to force fluoride on them.

A second motion put forward by Cr Neil Marks that council now seek a directive to fluoridate from the Director General of NSW Health was also successful six votes to five.

If a directive is issued, the council would not be able to change its position in the future.

Cr Marks said council was not passing the buck, but giving Rous Water some certainty before they begin the process of building the dosing plants.

“We’ve had the debate, we’ve had the education, now it’s time to move on… It’s our decision, we own it and it will be our legacy one way or another,” he said.