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Lithgow Council to adopt fluoridation

Source: Lithgow Mercury | November 22nd, 2007
Location: Australia

After decades of debate the Lithgow Local Government area is to get a fluoridated water supply.

Council at this week’s monthly meeting voted by a 5-3 majority to adopt fluoridation, rejecting a concerted campaign by anti fluoride lobbyists from Australia and overseas.

With the decision Lithgow Council is to join the considerable majority of Councils across Australia who have already opted for treatment of their water supplies, including the neighbouring Blue Mountains area.

Council officers have now been instructed to prepare a report on options for implementing the decision.

The vote ends a debate that has emerged intermittently in Council for more than 40 years.

Earlier this year Council was told that Lithgow youngsters fare badly in terms of dental health when compared with their Mountains neighbours and other areas that already have fluoridation.

Due to heavy demands on space in today’s edition the full fluoridation report will appear in Saturday’s Lithgow Mercury.