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Local Dentist Initiates Push to Put Fluoride Back Into the Clarence Cannon Service Area

Source: NemonNews.net (Northeast Missouri | April 6th, 2022
Location: United States, Missouri


A local dentist, Dr. Lisa Bosch of rural Knox County, is pushing the Clarence Cannon Wholesale Water Commission (CCWWC) to return to adding fluoride to the water sent to customers throughout the region…

“Shortly after I moved here, I started looking to make sure that there was community fluoridation in the water here… I was able to do some research to find out we got our water from Clarence Cannon and community water fluoridation was discontinued in 2011 without any notification to the public. I’ve been going to water board meetings throughout the state and some directors of those districts thought they were still receiving fluoridated water. They didn’t know it was taken out,” Dr. Lisa Bosch told The Edina Sentinel. “In 2016 the state legislature passed a law that water suppliers have to give a 90-day notice to add or subtract fluoride from community water…”

According to Bosch, grant funding has been obtained to pay the costs of reinstating water fluoridation at the CCWWC through the DHSS Office of Dental Health. The grant funds will pay for two skids with pumps costing $21,553, one year of testing supplies costing $2,080, and the fluoride costing $8,000. The $31,633 total will be incurred by grand funding the first year. After that, the CCWWC will be responsible to fund fluoridation and maintain the pumps…

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