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Lonaconing taking steps to fluoridate

Source: Cumberland Times | August 8th, 2000 | by Laura H. Vogel
Location: United States, Maryland

LONACONING — A representative from Miller Environmental will be attending the September meeting of the Lonaconing mayor and council in an effort to answer some questions about fluoridating the town’s water supply.

“George Smith is going to be here if he can,” said John Winner, the town administrator. “He will tell us what it would cost and what would be involved.”

At Monday’s regular monthly meeting, Mayor Fred Sloan and councilman Charles Moran publicly expressed their support of fluoride, Sloan adding that his view is based on the information that he has received to date. In June, the Times-News reported that councilmen Warren Foote, Rob Knox, and councilwoman Sandi Wilt also support fluoridating the water.

Each member of the council added concerns about the process involved. Wilt discussed the possibility of putting the issue to a vote.

“We have a lot of unsatisfied customers because our water is not always what it should be,” she said. “Until we can say that our water system is running as it should, people should have a say.”

Sloan implied that he would be in favor of handling the issue as the city of Frostburg did: hold public meeting and hearings that would lead to a vote specific to the mayor and council.

“It’s a case where you have public input,” he said, “and then based on what you’ve heard, you make a decision.”