Fluoride in London’s water has been an issue for many years and Denise Brown wants to make sure residents finally get to have their say.

Brown, Ward 11 councillor, headed off debate on the issue during the Built and Natural Environment Committee meeting on Monday (Nov. 28) by suggesting residents need to have an opportunity to speak on this issue.

“There has been talk in this city for a long time about fluoride in the water and I don’t believe we have ever had a public participation meeting on this,” Brown said. “There are many municipalities that have removed the fluoride and the people who truly believe there is a health issue with fluoride in the water should be heard.”

Ward 1 Councillor and committee chairman and Bud Polhill agreed with Brown, saying it would only be fair to let all sides have their say on the issue and that a public participation meeting would be the best venue.

Ward 3 Councillor Joe Swan agreed and suggested invitations be sent to Dr. Graham Pollett, chief medical officer for the Middlesex-London Health Unit, and officials from Health Canada.

“Would also like to extend an invitation to Health Canada,” Swan said. “I think it would be good to hear Health Canada speak on behalf of Health Canada, to have their expertise here in front of us.”

The committee voted to send the recommendation to the recently created Civic Works Committee for a public participation meeting early in 2012.