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London Mayor calls for independent study of fluoride’s health impacts

Source: Green Party London | September 17th, 2003
Location: United Kingdom, England

Greens welcomed the statement from London Mayor Ken Livingstone stressing the urgent need for an independent study of the full health impacts of adding fluoride to water in areas such as London.

Following probing by Greens on the London Assembly, Livingstone said he would support GLA funding for such a study. He also backed a recent decision of the London Assembly Health Committee to commission a poll of public opinion on water fluoridation in ten London boroughs.

The Mayor explained his position on water fluoridation in response to a
question tabled by Green London Assembly member, Noel Lynch, at today’s London Assembly meeting (Wed 17 Sept).

Noel said, “I welcome the Mayor’s call for an independent study into the full health impacts of adding fluoride to London’s water. I believe it is vital that a genuinely independent study be completed before any decision is taken which would allow fluoride to be added to London’s water.

Experts have raised very serious concerns about possible side effects, including brittle bones, accumulation in the pineal glands and thyroid deficiency. Fifteen out of eighteen Western European countries have totally rejected water fluoridation. The UK is going against the weight of expert medical and environmental opinion throughout Western Europe.”



The Water Bill currently before Parliament contains a clause which will allow health authorities to require water fluoridation. London is likely to be a target area for fluoridation. MPs will be given a free vote on the proposal at the Bill’s Third Reading, probably in November.