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Lookinbg back 25 years ago: Oroville Is Doing Something For Teeth

Source: Oroville Mercury Register | October 10th, 2007 | An Editorial by Dan Beebe (October 2 1957)

And referring to teeth, let’s have a few words about fluoridation. It’s best feature is that it makes visits to the dentist less frequent. The Hartford Courant gives encouragement to us, who are about to get fluoridated water. The Connecticut Health Department, writes the Courant, has officially confirmed what has been known for a long time: “That is the Fluoridation of water in New Britain for the past six years has been and outstanding success” (New Britain is a Connecticut city of 5,000 population.) During that time, the department finds “tooth decay in children has been reduced by more that 33 percent.” Six-year-olds, who have had the benefit of this water since birth, show a caries (cavity) decline of 57.4 per cent. In the six-nine-year old group the important permanent molars were 69.5 percent free of cavities. “Statistics like these, says the Courant, ‘are abundant everywhere fluoridation has been given a chance. There is no public health measure in the history of the world that has been so widely demonstrated or that has been backed by such an array of affirmative statistics. There is no public health measure in the world that has been so unanimously backed by public health authorities, research workers and professional organizations.’ ” Oroville’s name will have a place in history because this city has blazed a broad, easy trail by which fluoridation can be achieved by any city served by a privately owned utility. Oroville took its case before the State Public Utilities Commission and won it there. It won again in the State Supreme Court. Within a few short months we hope the final legal barrier will be behind us, and the babies will begin getting this wonderful preventive that will make their lives happier.