Loveland Planning Commission chair must go, by Donald Menzel

American democracy is under vicious attack by radical right Republicans nationwide. Then, to read that Mr. Ron Weinberg, chair of the Loveland Planning Commission, intends to screen commission candidates for “hard left” beliefs is just too much to stomach. He should look in a mirror — he might just be shocked.

There is no proper place on a planning commission for a member that espouses a philosophical test of any candidates, left-right-center. Planning commissions must and typically do draw a sharp line between their political views and balanced thinking that serves the community.

Mr. Weinberg, sir — please submit your resignation promptly.

Donald Menzel

Put water fluoridation to a vote, by John Deming

I think it’s time to reassess the process of fluoridating our water supply. Our city council slipped by most of us their meeting to add more fluoride to our water. The fluorosilicic acid that they are adding to our water supply is one of the deadliest chemicals on our planet. Our trusted professional dentists assure us that drinking this helps tremendously with dental health and disease. This is like saying, “If you drink some “hair dye” it will change the color of your hair. Dentists use it as a topical on your teeth and tell you not to swallow, written on boxes of fluoride toothpaste explicitly say not to swallow.

Fluoride comes from the cleaning of the insides of smoke stacks at industrial fertilizer plants. It’s illegal to dump this waste in the ground, in streams or ponds and oceans. So, back in 1954, they decided to trickle it into cities water systems and pass it through peoples bodies to disperse it and that was legal.

There have been many studies done, in the early 2000s, by noted universities such as (Harvard, Dartmouth and University of Toronto), that have found links to bone cancer and behavioral problems in young men. They also found, there was a unusual craving for drugs and alcohol to offset the harmful affect of ingesting the fluoride.

There are over 140 cities in the U.S. that have rejected fluoridation, including, Erie and Colorado Springs. Many Countries also (China, Austria, Germany, Denmark, for a few). Most of these decisions were brought about by public vote and some by council vote.

I also ask you, what do you think this is also doing to our pets or the food we are growing in our gardens? Thank you Traudl Renner and Kathryn Jordan for your efforts. Let’s put it to a public vote!!!

John Deming

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