MACKAY Regional Councillors will today, once and for all, cast their vote to decide whether fluoride is re-added to our water.

The controversial issue, which had been a hot topic in Mackay for a number of months, took a more controversial turn earlier in the year with the “fluorigate” scandal.

As the turbulent debate raged, it was discovered that the council had kept quiet about the fact that they had stopped adding fluoride to our water supply in July last year.

A report by council officers recommends that the council vote to switch fluoride back on and that a provision be made for fluoride to also be added to the new Marian Water Treatment Plant once constructed.

But yesterday Mayor Deirdre Comerford remained tight-lipped on which way she would be voting, saying though she had personal opinions on the subject she would do what is best for the community.

“With the fluoride decision before them, all councillors and myself included have diligently carried out their responsibilities and each will cast their vote accordingly,” she said.

Cr Comerford said she expected to see a lot of people at today’s council meeting.

“There are people who are very passionately against it and there are people for it and people who are ambivalent,” she said.

“But I think everyone would agree they’d like a decision on the matter.”

Anti-fluoride campaigner Ailsa Boyden said she was “not impressed” with the officer’s recommendations.

“I’ve got many concerns – if it’s virtually not affective why do it,” she said.

Ms Boyden said there was little evidence to suggest that people who grow up with fluoridated water have better teeth than those that don’t but said there was plenty of evidence to suggest it was harmful. “There are people that are really sensitive to fluoridated water,” she said.

“A lot of people can be suffering from this and may not even know it.”