MANSFIELD … A proposal by a resident to stop fluoridation of local drinking water was not voted on during the Town Meeting due to a lack of a quorum at the end of the meeting.

A total of 208 registered voters turned out to the meeting, held in a windy and cool parking lot at The Xfinity Center because of the pandemic…

Through another citizen petition, Thomas Yeransian asked residents to support discontinuing fluoridation of town water.

Yeransian, a chemical engineer who has done environmental consultant work, argues fluoride has been shown to be a risk to cause a series of health problems, and with fluoride in toothpaste, fluoridated water is no longer needed and should be a matter of personal choice.

Proponents of fluoridation, including board of health members who voted to unanimously oppose the request, contended it stops tooth decay and any slight risks are worth fluoridating water.

Discussion of the proposal was cut off and no vote taken after a resident requested a count of voters remaining and the 100-voter quorum wasn’t met…

*The original article titled Mansfield voters OK $104 million budget, reject Civil Service, is online at https://www.thesunchronicle.com/news/local_news/mansfield-voters-ok-104-million-budget-reject-civil-service/article_ea930e12-ac44-5a0f-9765-390b35b17543.html