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Marlborough: Fluoride talks get tap turned off

Source: The Marlborough Express | June 12th, 2013 | By Cathie Bell
Location: New Zealand

Marlborough District councillor Graeme Taylor was “smacked” by Mayor Alistair Sowman for saying the council would discuss water fluoridation, Mr Taylor said yesterday.

Mr Taylor, chairman of the council’s assets and services committee which oversaw water supply infrastructure, had committed to raising the issue of water fluoridation at yesterday’s committee meeting when asked by the Marlborough Express.

However, Mr Sowman had “pointed his finger at me for overstepping”, Mr Taylor told councillors when asking their opinion on fluoridation at the end of the meeting. “I personally have no interest in it.”

… Water is not fluoridated in Marlborough, except at the Woodbourne air force base. All Defence Force bases have fluoridated water.