Fluoride Action Network

Martin & Janet Sheen: Fluoridation hard to swallow

Source: The Malibu Times | November 7th, 2007 | Martin and Janet Sheen

It is with deep concern that this city of Malibu, founded on ecologically sound principles, extending even to marine wildlife, should be subject to the upcoming fluoridation of its water supply. Announced casually in a notice in last month’s water bill, it strikes us as a violation of assumed democratic process. Within our health-oriented community, choice is and has always been paramount.

To date, no manufacturer of the actual hydrofluosilicic acid to be used has stated that their specific product is effective at reducing tooth decay when swallowed, or safe for all infants, children and the elderly. The public should be able to view actual dated product review documents that prove the manufacturer has earned certification, as California law requires.

Is it not obvious to all that $20 million could much more effectively be spent on nutrition, oral health education and toothbrushes? These funds could be used for a less toxic, more salutary solution. Caries are caused by poor nutrition and poor oral hygiene, not lack of hydrofluosilicic acid, containing lead and arsenic and other carcinogenic and mutagenic substances.

Please note the recent recall of cold medicines and other infant and children’s medications. This, alone, should put us on notice about what we allow corporate decisions to shove down our throats and those of our children. We are not lab rats and reject any attempt to be treated as such.