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Massey Letter: Criticism of fluoridation ban call has provoked reaction

Source: Cape Breton Post | June 8th, 2019 | By Christine Massey, M.Sc.
Location: Canada, Nova Scotia

Editor’s note: On May 27, the Cape Breton Post published a column by Sydney resident Marlene Kane which called for a ban on water fluoridation. On June 6, the Post published a letter from Juliet Guichon, an assistant professor at the University of Calgary, who called the ban fear mongering. This prompted a response from many parts of the country and beyond.

Letter from Christine Massey, M.Sc.

Regarding the letter from Juliet Guichon, the lawyer who opposes free speech for safe water advocates when they disagree with her chosen “experts.”

Prof. Guichon knows that her chosen “experts” have been unable to cite a single published primary, peer reviewed study showing that fluoride exposure during pregnancy is safe with respect to IQ, or ADHD symptoms in human offspring.

Prof. Guichon knows perfectly well that recent studies funded by the United States National Institutes of Health, conducted by an international team that included researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health and the Dalla Lana School of Public Health at the University of Toronto, found that higher total fluoride exposure in pregnancy is related to lower IQs and increased ADHD symptoms in the children.

Prof. Guichon also knows perfectly well that another recent study, also funded by the U.S. government, found that the total fluoride exposures of Canadian pregnant women in fluoridated cities are very similar to those of the mothers in the studies just mentioned above, and that pregnant women in Canadian fluoridated cities have double the fluoride exposure as compared those in unfluoridated cities.

Christine Massey, M.Sc.

Brampton Ont.

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