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Meadville. LETTER: Water authority ‘does not want to hear’ from fluoride opponents

Source: The Meadville Tribune | August 26th, 2017 | By Anne V. Furno

After the city council meeting, the city solicitor stated to me as I was leaving that, “The difference in Johnstown and Meadville is that in Johnstown the water authority is owned by the city.” This should be explained openly to the public.

As for council continually stating that, “We should go to water authority meetings,” it is quite clear that the water authority does not want to hear from anyone who is against fluoridating Meadville’s water. Dr. Christopher Knapp, a very credible speaker on the fluoridation issue, was treated very rudely at the Aug. 16 meeting. Watch re-runs of the meeting on Armstrong Cable, channel 23.

The water authority has heard several times at public meetings many speaking against fluoridation, myself included. The Meadville Area Water Authority only wants to hear from those favoring fluoridation, a small number of “special interests” in this community who are controlling this situation. As has been said in the past, something is rotten in Denmark, and I think we all now what that means.

The exception as far as the water board goes is Hal Tubbs, very credible in his comments and motion (not seconded) to hear from MAWA’s customers. Meadville, West Mead and Vernon citizens must become informed and stand up against this effort to fluoridate their public water — whether by the water authority polling customers, making sure we are heard or by investigation.


*Original letter online at http://www.meadvilletribune.com/opinion/letter-water-authority-does-not-want-to-hear-from-fluoride/article_8e749cce-88e8-11e7-a577-3f8d375f67d5.html