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Mechanicsville ends fluoridation of its water supply

Source: City of Mechanicsville Council meeting minutes | April 11th, 2011
Location: United States, Iowa

The following are from the minutes of the Regular Council Meetings of the City of Mechanicsville:

From the March 7, 2011, council meeting minutes:
Update on fluoride: The IDNR provided information that stated the US Dept of Health and Human Services will propose that the recommendation for optimal fluoride levels be changed from a range of .7-1.2 mg/L to a single level of .7 mg/L. Mechanicsville’s water naturally contains a level of .3 to .4 mg/L and is currently injecting to attain a level of 1.0 mg/L. Calvin Paup motioned, Carla Barnhart seconded to discontinue injecting the fluoride and after further discussion Calvin Paup changed the motion to table making any changes until next month but to provide notice to the residents of the cities intent to discontinue injecting any additional fluoride into the water. This motion was seconded by Deanna Cook. Ayes all. Motion carried. Notices will be posted and included on the back of the water bill.

From the April 11, 2011, council meeting minutes:
Intent to discontinue adding fluoride to the city water supply: Upon review of the comments received, Larry Beck motioned, Gene Brown seconded to have Zerbe proceed with steps necessary to discontinue adding any fluoride to the city water supply. Ayes all. Motion carried.

From the May 9, 2011, council meeting minutes:
Zerbe provided additional information he received from the Department of Public Health regarding the addition of fluoride to the water. Calvin Paup motioned, Dee Cook seconded to reconsider the action from the April meeting on this topic. Ayes all. Motion carried.

From the June 13, 2011, council meeting minutes:
Reconsider action from April meeting on amount of fluoride to be added to water: Council decided not to change their original decision which directed Zerbe to complete paper work with DNR to eliminate adding any fluoride to the water supply. Upon the permit being changed the water will no longer have added fluoride in it, only the naturally occurring levels of fluoride.

From the August 8, 2011, council meeting minutes:
Public Works Report: Zerbe reported that the additional fluoride is now discontinued from being added to the water and the pumps have been removed and disconnected