Nalgonda: After orthopedic disorder cases, mental retardation and mental illness cases are second highest in fluoride-affected mandals of the district. According to official figures, 8,651 mental disorder cases, including 4,761 mentally reradiated and 3,890 mental-illness cases are reported in the district so far. Majority of the cases were reported from fluoride-affected areas in the district.

The figure is second highest after orthopedically handicapped cases, which were 28,348 in the district. The mental disorder cases are more in fluoride-affected areas compared to other mandals as long-time consumption of fluoride water would affect the development of brain in the children.

In an alarming trend, the mental disorder cases are more in the age group of 0-10 years as 3,656 cases including 2,152 boys and 1,504 girls fell in this age group. If we take the mandal-wise figures of mental disorder cases in fluoride-affected areas, 50 mental retardation and 52 mental illness cases reported in Aleru mandal, 45 mental retardation and 35 mental illness in Bhongir municipality, 76 mental retardation and 73 mental illness in Chamdur.

Besides, there are: 63 mental retardation and 48 mental illness in Chintha Palle, 84 mental retardation and 100 mental illness in Choutuppal, 74 mental retardation and 41 mental illness in Devarakonda, 58 mental retardation and 38 mental illness in Gurrampode, 44 mental retardation and 44 mental illness in M Turkapalle, 65 mental retardation and 62 mental illness in Marri Guda, 83 mental retardation and 96 mental illness in Miryalaguda, 116 mental retardation and 46 mental illness  in Narayanapur are reported.

Dr K Praveen Kumar, who did research on “Effect of Fluoride on Developing Brain in Relation to Neuro Degeneration”, for his doctoral study, told The Hans India that the there are chances for low IQ in the children, who consume fluoride water long time from the childhood, and mental disorders also.  Consuming fluoride water in childhood would show impact on cerebral plasma of the brain. It was scientifically proved, he added.