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Middletown: Town Board meeting tonight will include fluoridation

Source: Agenda for Town of Middletown meeting for 4-24-17 | April 24th, 2017
Location: United States, Maryland

The Agenda for the Town Meeting meeting for April 24 includes this recommendation:

Page 20: “Staff would recommend the Town Board give serious consideration to the substantial capital cost for providing fluoride to resident’s ($90,000), which is only a benefit to a specific segment of the population, when fluoride is available through many other sources. If the Town Board decides to move forward with installation of fluoride systems at these two facilities [Brookridge WTP and Well #15], $30,000 of additional funding will need to be approved.”

Page 21: Fluoride Fact Sheet for the Town of Middletown’s three water treatment facilities. The Reservoir WTP has a fluoride injection system.

Page 22-23: State Fluoridation Percentage Calculations

Page 24: Fluoride Facts from the CDC website; and Absorption, Recommended Dosage of Fluoride and Dietary Sources by Texas A&M University Dr. E.D. Harris.

Page 25-26: Adequate Intake for Fluoride & Dietary Sources of Fluoride

Page 26: Municipal Water Treatment for the Town of Middletown and photos of calcium carbonate build-up problems of water pipes at the reservoir. “This calcification issue represents significant work and expense that is directly related to the injection of fluoride. The Water Fluoridation Manual from AWWA and several other Water Treatment Professional’s support our findings.” Photos on Page 27.