Fluoride Action Network

Mildura. Anti-fluoride expert here: Professor Connett to put case against additive in our water

Source: Sunraysia Daily | February 5th, 2011 | By Kieran Iles
Location: Australia

FLUORIDE will be thrust back into the spotlight this month with a visit from environmental activitist Professor Paul Connett.

Prof Connett, executive director of the world-wide Fluroide Action Network, will speak at two meetings at the Setts in Mildura on February 20.

He will meet local health professionals, including doctors and dentists, at 10am, before addressing an open meeting at 7.30pm.

Prof Connett is in Europe promoting his book The Case Against Fluoride as part of a world tour, but is keen to promote the anti-fluoride message in Australia.

It is a far cry from his early days as an academic, when he was staunchly pro-fluoride [sic].

Anti-Fluoridation Association of Mildura spokesperson Rosemarie Zalec said the association was pleased to have Prof Connet as a speaker.

“Prof Connett is willing to debate anyone on the safety and effectiveness of water fluoridation,” she said.

“He would like to see evidence that fluoride is safe and effective.

“To date he has not been able to find any research studies to prove this.

“Many challenges to debate him have been refused by Victorian Health Department officials.”

His visit comes about six months after fluoride was added to water supplies in Sunraysia.

Ms Zalec said the community had strongly voiced its opposition to fluoride, with more than 10,000 people signing a local petition.

“By coming along to listen to Professor Connett, Sunraysia residents will have the opportunity to hear the most up to date research on fluoride,” she said.

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