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Militant Australian vaccine and fluoride fanatics seek to eliminate all forms of free speech

Source: Natural News | March 11th, 2015 | By Ethan A. Huff, staff writer
Location: Australia

Perhaps the only country in the world more committed than the U.S. and England to poisoning its own citizens with deadly chemicals in the name of “public health” is Australia, where bitter establishment fogies are angrily resisting all forms of free speech that question or object to the longstanding status quo.

Fluoride truth-teller Professor Paul Connett, who recently held a forum on water fluoridation in Australia, was reportedly snubbed by every single government official he invited to the event to present their opinion on the controversial practice, which by definition amounts to nothing less than forced mass medication with a dangerous pharmaceutical drug.

Prof. Connett organized the open forum with the intent to generate honest dialogue about artificial water fluoridation, an outdated practice that most of Europe and the rest of the developed world outside of North America has rejected based on credible science showing that it can damage health.

Pro-fluoride lobby refuses to attend Prof. Connett’s forum after lying about not getting invitations

The pro-fluoride news rag The Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) initially reported that many of Prof. Connett’s invitees hadn’t actually received invitations, hence why they weren’t planning to show up to the event. These folks included representatives from many of the top dental and health associations in Australia.

“No one’s been invited and no one’s attending,” was the official statement given by a spokesperson from NSW Health, which almost violently insists that fluoride is absolutely safe with no possible side effects.

But a followup article published by SMH just one day later revealed that leading health and dental experts had explicitly “refused to attend the forum,” their ridiculous excuse being that they didn’t want to lend any credibility to the anti-fluoridation position by presenting science in favor of fluoridation.

This is completely illogical, of course, as the first thing any legitimate agency authority that claims to have a corner on the truth would want to do is substantiate its dogmatic assertions when challenged. Instead, the pro-fluoride elite in Australia decided to just give empty statements to the corrupt state media about how anti-fluoride advocates are “confusing” and “scaring” the public with a bunch of nonsense.

Science shows that fluoride is dangerous, but pro-druggers refuse to acknowledge this

It’s an absurd strawman argument that simply doesn’t stand up to scrutiny, and the establishment in Australia more than likely knows this. There’s plenty of scientific evidence to suggest that artificial water fluoridation doesn’t prevent tooth decay [studies have suggested that topical application of fluoride could be beneficial], but can trigger a host of ailments ranging from tooth mottling (a form of tooth decay!) to thyroid dysfunction and cancer.

But why address any of this when you can just personally attack the opposition — in this case, Australian health authorities compared Prof. Connett’s position to those crazy “anti-vaxxers” and people who believe the earth is flat.

“The two go together,” declared Prof. Wendell Evans from Sydney University, who was invited to speak at the panel but turned down the invitation, adding that opposing vaccines and fluoride lacks “any scientific proof,” as paraphrased by SMH.

But you see, you can’t just decree that something lacks scientific proof without actually backing this up. It’s the same thing pro-vaccine fanatics did to Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, who incurred the wrath of the establishment recently for planning to speak about vaccines while visiting the country.

As we reported back in January, Dr. Tenpenny was verbally attacked and threatened with the removal of her travel visa for simply responding “yes” to an invitation to speak at a national tour on vaccine exemptions. If Dr. Tenpenny’s and Prof. Connett’s ideas are so ludicrous, as the establishment claims, then why bother with trying to censor them? What are you trying to hide?

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