Fluoride Action Network

Minister Martin’s “Fluoride Fiasco”

Source: Fluoride Free Ireland | October 11th, 2000
Location: Ireland

Minister Micheal Martin announced the establishment of a “Forum on Fluoridation” on May 29, 2000. The forum was set up “to review the fluoridation of public piped water supplies” and to investigate the growing public concerns of health damage from fluoride. However, the forum has become a “fluoride fiasco”. This “fluoride fiasco” claimed to have representatives from consumer and environmental areas but both Dick Warner and Darina Allen removed themselves from the forum. Why? Dick Warner never agreed to have his name put forward in the first place! And, Darina Allen declined to be involved after realising the pro-fluoridation bias of the proposed membership. Fiasco 1.

Next, Fluoride Free Water (FFW) recently highlighted how Minister Martin misled the Dail when he stated the fluoridating agent (hydrofluorosilicic acid), “does not contain chromium”, when our independent analysis clearly indicated chromium levels similar to the arsenic levels also present. Fiasco 2.

Finally, despite the fluoride fiasco’s intentions to reassure the public concerning fluoridation, Minister Martin continues to inflict this chemical fluoride on more towns and villages in Ireland. Using the Freedom of Information Act, FFW have discovered that fluoridation will now be forced on the following communities: The Curragh, Co. Kildare. Croom, Co. Limerick. Brosna/Knocknagoshel, Co. Kerry. Virginia, Co. Cavan. Clontibret, Co. Monaghan. Martinstown, Co. Westmeath. Back in May, Eamon Gilmore, T.D., (Labour Party Spokesperson on the Environment) warned the minister, “Pending the outcome of this forum, there should be an embargo on the fluoridation of any new water schemes which may come on stream in the interim”. Fiasco 3.

Three strikes and you are out, minister! Fluoride Free Water has no longer any confidence in the “forum on fluoridation”; it is a Fluoride Fiasco. Due to the pro-fluoride bias membership, the Minister’s misinformation in the Dail and the continued forced fluoridation of Ireland’s towns and villages we will not involve ourselves in this cynical political ploy. FFW are now demanding an independent public enquiry into water fluoridation in Ireland. We are also demanding independent health studies, as is the Minister of Health’s duty under the legislation.