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Missouri 5 closed because of fluoride spill

Source: Jefferson City News Tribune | April 14th, 2001
Location: United States, Missouri

CAMDENTON, Mo. (AP) — Missouri 5 south of Camdenton was closed because of a hazardous chemical spill Friday, authorities said.

Barrels of the chemical fluorosilicic acid were on a semi-truck, the Camdenton County Sheriff’s office said. Between six and eight of the barrels spilled Friday five miles south of Camdenton, but authorities said they weren’t sure how it happened.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol said the highway would be closed indefinitely for cleanup.

Fluorosilicic is a highly corrosive acid used in the process of adding fluoride to drinking water.

It is a flammable chemical, and if inhaled, it can cause respiratory difficulty and burning eyes. Upon contact with skin, it creates a burning and tingling sensation.

No injuries related to the spill were reported.