MOLONG residents are in favour of having fluoride added to their water supply but Cabonne Council has delayed making a decision.

Council wrote to all residents in April seeking feedback about whether to add fluoride to the the town’s water supply.

About half responded and just over half were in favour of the proposal.

Fifty six per cent or 166 are in favour of adding fluoride, while 128 or 43 per cent are against.

Four people were undecided.

At its recent meeting Cabonne Council resolved to seek the guidance of NSW Health on the issue.

The Rural Dental Action Group began the push to have fluoride added to Molong’s water supply and are strong supporters of the move.

“I guess we’re hopeful of a positive result from NSW Health,” said Marj Bollinger of the Rural Dental Action Group.

She said NSW Health pays to installation costs to introduce fluoride into the water supplies of communities with more than 1000 people.

This makes Mrs Bollinger hopeful of having fluoride in Molong’s water supply.

Mayor Bob Dowling said because there was no clear indication either way the council had to seek further information from NSW Health.

Council will await the feedback of NSW Health and at this stage there is no indication as to when the decision will be made.

The cost of adding fluoride to Molong’s water supply will be about 25 cents a week or $13 a year for water users.

What Molong residents said:

“I don’t think the introduction of fluoride needed a survey as dental results have shown that towns with fluoride teeth are much better than towns without.”

“No poison. My vegetable garden says no too. The use of bottled water will explode if fluoride is dumped into our water- hence the enormous number of plastic bottled will damage our environment.”