MOLONG residents will soon have their say on fluoridating the town’s water supply.
Cabonne Council will write to residents who receive the town’s reticulated water supply to seek their feedback on the issue.

Council decided to not fluoridate the town’s water in the past, leaving it up to residents to fluoridate their own water via tablets.

A strong push for fluoride to be added to the town’s water supply has prompted council to reconsider the practice.

The survey comes after years of lobbying by the Rural Dental Action Group to have fluoride added to the supply.

“Molong is one of the few towns in NSW that doesn’t have a fluoridated water supply,” RDAG president Marj Bollinger said.

“We raised the issue with Cabonne Council not long ago that NSW department of health was prepared to fund installation.”

The addition of fluoride to Molong’s water supply would cost residents $13 extra a year in water rates.

Mrs Bollinger is disappointed these costs will not be absorbed by council and hopes it will not deter residents from wanting to add fluoride.

“If you think of the savings you make with improved oral health it will compensate that,” she said.

Cabonne mayor Bob Dowling said council would carefully consider the results of the survey before making any decision on whether to introduce fluoride to the Molong water supply.

“If there is a clear majority who want fluoride added to the Molong supply, council will consider taking that step but we need a firm indication from the Molong community on where it stands,” Cr Dowling said.

“I’m urging all Molong water users to complete this simple survey and return it council so that your opinion is fully considered.”

Molong residents will soon receive a letter from council outlining cases for and against fluoridation and a simple two question survey. This should be returned to council in the envelope provided by May 31, 2011.

More information about fluoridation can be obtained by visiting NSW Health’s website .asp.