Moncton is expected to decide next month on the future of fluoride in the region’s drinking water, after Riverview and Dieppe councils each passed motions to maintain the process on Monday.

Moncton officials began to review the policy after a group called for the removal of fluoride from city water.

The city asked for a recommendation from Riverview and Dieppe, which also tap into Moncton’s water supply.

Riverview and Dieppe councils both voted on Monday in favour of keeping fluoride in the drinking water.

Riverview Mayor Clarence Sweetland said the decision to keep fluoride was controversial in his town.

“If it had been a tie vote, I would have voted the same as the motion that passed, to retain the use of fluoride,” Sweetland said.

“But again there [are] arguments on both sides and it’s a difficult subject.”

Paul Thomson, the director of communications for the city of Moncton, said a committee studying the issue of water fluoridation will meet next month.

Thomson said they will discuss Dieppe and Riverview’s positions and look at other information they have gathered.

Thomson said they will then either make a recommendation to Moncton city council or opt for further consultation.