A new proposal by the FDA is once again adjusting fluoride levels be adjusted. Dr. Salim Surani explains what those levels are and how fluoride affects our bodies.

This 2:54 minute video interview is at https://www.kiiitv.com/video/news/monitoring-the-fluoride-in-your-water/503-1c24e7ce-a3a5-4d76-aabf-6a7915270fbd

Note from FAN: There is no transcript of this short TV interview. Dr Surani noted that there are challenges when there is excess fluoride exposure. He spoke about a 2017 (not 2007) Mother-Offspring study by Bashash et al. which tested the urine of pregnant women for fluoride levels and found that for every .5 mg/L increase in fluoride the IQ of the offspring decreased. He noted that ADHD was also a concern. Bashash et al. published a finding of ADHD symptoms in a 2018 study using the same cohort in his 2017 study.

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