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Montello to stop adding fluoride to water

Source: Marquette County Tribune | February 12th, 2015

The Montello Common Council approved ending the practice of putting fluoride into city water due to necessary building updating, equipment replacement and material costs. According to the minutes of the December Public Works meeting, some dentists were contacted regarding the subject of putting fluoride in the water. Their opinion was that, while there are some benefits to having fluoride in municipal water, a person would get more fluoride from brushing their teeth daily than by drinking a gallon of city water daily. It was also noted on Monday night that Montello was the only municipality in the county putting fluoride in the water. It is estimated that discontinuing the fluoride will save up to $30,000 in construction costs that would have been needed at this time for building updates and up to $7,000 a year in material costs and man hours.