THE controversial plan to introduce fluoride into our water system is only the skin of a tooth away after a major delivery to the Mt Crosby water treatment plant.

Deputy Premier Paul Lucas was on site to witness the delivery of the two giant fluoridation units that had been trucked up from Sydney.

“These are among the largest fluoride units to be installed at a water treatment plant in Australia,” Mr Lucas said.

“This delivery today means we are on target to deliver fluoridated water to south-east Queensland from December this year.”

Mr Lucas said the $35 million commitment to providing fluoridated water to all Queenslanders would allow our kids to have the same dental health benefits other Australians have had for more than 40 years.

“Fluoridation is a safe, effective and proven preventative against tooth decay and I am committed to ensuring that future Queenslanders will reap the benefits,” he said.

“Water fluoridation has overwhelming support by all the major medical and dental bodies here and overseas.”

But despite the State Government’s confidence in the health benefits of the program, some members of the Ipswich community remain sceptical.

The QT has received numerous letters from residents in the past years who said they do not want the mineral added to our water.