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Mount Gambier: Civil dissent last option to oppose fluoride release, says Ann Bressington

Source: TopNews.co.uk | October 13th, 2010 | Submitted by Rasik Sharma
Location: Australia

The residents of Mount Gambier, who use SA Water have been requested not to pay their water bills so as to show civil disobedience, as the water supply will get contaminated with fluoride from Wednesday onwards.

On Friday, SA Water mailed Mount Gambier residents that on account of the state’s oral health initiative, controlled amounts of fluoride would be introduced in the Blue Lake water supply.

But, as per MLC Ann Bressington, the fluoride contaminated water is poison. So, she held a meeting at the Saint Martin’s Lutheran College on Saturday, which was attended by about 300 people, where she urged people not to pay their SA Water bills. She stated that what people could not drink, why they pay for the same?

Adding to this, she told that as the residents’ all efforts comprising signing petitions to a hunger strike and protests to stop fluoridation had failed, the civil dissent was the last resort. So, she encouraged community to respond to the letter of SA Water by informing them about non-payment of bills.

She said, “Tell them if you develop an illness you will expect the government to provide you with equipment to remove fluoride from your water”.