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Mount Isa: Council seeks more info on fluoride

Source: The North West Star | April 11th, 2013
Location: Australia

MOUNT Isa City Council has yet to make a decision as to whether fluoride will enter the city’s drinking supply or not.

With fluoride no longer compulsory to communities with populations greater than 10,000 people, council planned on seeking more information about these changes.

Many councils across Queensland have abandoned the public health measure, including Cairns, Cloncurry, Burdekin and Fraser Coast.

But while outspoken members of Mount Isa’s anti-fluoride community warned against the health implications, council voiced concerns for financial reasons.

Mount Isa plumber Peter Bolger spoke at a council meeting this week and asked for information regarding the scheme.

“I’m wondering what the position is and what research council is looking into – it just seems to go on and on and no-one seems to want to make the hard decision,” Mr Bolger said.

“It is a commonsense decision that Mount Isa should not have fluoride in the water because we drink a lot more water than people down south, there is a presence of lead already and fluoride clings to other metals so it increases the problems with lead.

“The council does not seem to want to hear all the details. I would like to know what is going on.”

Mayor Tony McGrady said the council was waiting for financial clarification regarding works already completed on the plant.

“I rang the Deputy Premier’s office to try and seek some clarification as to who would be responsible for the cost already incurred in setting up the fluoride plant in Mount Isa,” he said.

“The advice I got was that they were still seeking independent legal advice and they expected it no later that April 24, so we are trying to get the information.

“The reality is, if on the information I have – which I tried to get clarified this morning – if the Mount Isa City Council instructed the Mount Isa Water Board to cease any further work we would be up for approximately $200,000.”