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Mountain City votes to continue with fluoride in water

Source: The Tomahawk | April 10th, 2013 | By Jonathan Pleasant

Mountain City town council meeting

… The other big topic of the night was a final discussion and conclusion on the board’s recent decision about whether or not to continue a fluoride program in the city water supply. Having listened to various concerns from both sides of the issue at last month’s meeting, the council was prepared to take a vote. However, one last comment from Willie Wolfert, who missed the last meeting, was still heard.

… the council also had to consider the professional opinions of many local and regional dentists that all expressed their strong support for keeping the mineral in the water supply, as it has been for many years. With both sides making strong arguments, the vote was naturally split. However, following a motion by Mayor Lawrence Keeble, the board decided to continue the fluoride program…

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