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MP allays fear of ‘poisoned water’

Source: Dorking Advertiser | September 25th, 2003 | By Alex Wright
Location: United Kingdom, England

FEARS that poison could be poured into the water system under Government plans were dismissed by Mole Valley’s MP.

The Surrey Green Party claims that the Government’s fluoridation plans will enable health authorities to override councils and compel water companies to add hexafluorosilicic acid to public water supplies.

The Green Party describes the acid, a fluoride compound, as a corrosive industrial waste byproduct derived from the scrubbings of factory chimneys.

It says that the evidence to support the Government’s plans to compulsorily fluoridate water supplies in a bid to improve the nation’s teeth, has been disproved in the Green’s report, Truth Decay.

The plans were approved under the second reading of the Water Bill on September 8.

Robert Enmundson, a Green Party member from Dorking, said: “It is a situation where big businesses can get rid of a waste product they are not able to put in the sea but they can in the water supply. “Surrey County Council voted against fluoridation in 1985 and

Holland has banned hexafluorosilicic acid, but they are able to sell it in the UK. “It has never been proven that it is effective to administer it in the water supply.”

He said he had been told by a dentist that fluoridation of the water supply was not necessary because the fluoride people use in their toothpastes is more than adequate.

Mr Enmundson added: “Hexafluorosilicic acid can also do harm because it can cause discolouration of the teeth.

“I certainly don’t want what is effectively an industrial poison put into the water supply.

“Big businesses are overriding what the community really wants. “It is a very bad picture and one hopes it is not an omen for trying to force us to take GM foods. It could set a very unfortunate precedent.”

According to the Green Party, the acid is not only a registered poison, but it has never been registered as a medicine by the Medicines Control Agency.

Sandra Simkin, Surrey Green Party spokesman on health, said: “Fluoride is also cited in research papers as a cause of bone cancer, thyroid disorders, osteoporosis, irritable bowel syndrome, premature ageing, and other conditions, ranging from reduced IQ levels in children to Alzheimer’s disease in the elderly, increased genetic disorders and altered auto-immune response, making the body open to disease.”

But Sir Paul Beresford, Conservative MP for Mole Valley, said health fears of fluoridation were unfounded.

He said: “For the sake of the health of the kids in this country, I hope this bill goes through and I hope it is going to be utilised.

“If you were going to poison yourself, you would have to drink between one or two baths of water a day for a very long time – in other words you would have to have to drown first.

“Fluoride has been naturally occurring in the water supply for years.”

Stuart Hyslop, from Sutton and East Surrey Water, said the company would only be prepared to introduce fluoride if all of the health authorities requested it.