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MP Says ‘No’ to Fluoride

Source: Inside Scotland | September 26th, 2002 | by Lex Brown

AN MP has accused the Scottish Executive of trying to sneak in the controversial fluoridation of water through the back door.

It comes from Cunninghame South MP Brian Donohoe – the vice-chairman of the all party Anti-Fluoride Group – who says the issue is being disguised as public consultation about dental and oral health.

He claims the Executive will consider what he calls the thorny “mass medication” issue as part of the consultation.

Mr Donohoe said mass fluoridation was an “infringement of civil liberty.”

He said the benefits of the exercise were questionable.

He went on: “The issue of taking fluoride to prevent tooth decay is a personal decision and cannot be imposed on people.

“It is up to the individual to take such a decision.

“It is imperative that any proposal to impose fluoridation of water is opposed.

“It is a proposal that smacks of mass medication. Where do we draw the line?

“Do we put vitamins in water to prevent tiredness?

“Tampering with water supplies to prevent tooth decay is dangerous, totally unacceptable, and reeks of totalitarianism.”

Cunninghame South MSP said the Scottish Executive had left it to local health boards to decide on fluoridation.

She said she would want to consider both sides of the argument before taking a decision.