Mount Pleasant’s Fluoride Task Force is looking for experts to provide information and recommendations in fluoride research.

The committee, created in January, has four members researching the effects of fluoridation in water supplies and aid the city’s commission on decisions regarding water fluoridation.

Four applicants were confirmed at the city commission’s May 11 meeting.

Sharyl Majorski, a member of the committee, chemist and laboratory coordinator of the chemistry lab at Central Michigan University, said the committee had its first meeting about a month ago.

The Fluoride Task Force is currently doing research into water fluoridation and the effects of fluoride, she said.

“We are looking at people already established (as experts),” she said.

The committee is currently running individual research about fluoride, Majorski said. The committee plans on meeting regularly and plans on taking action in September, when all members of the committee are available.

“We are really going to pick up the pace in September,” Majorski said. “We will figure out our game plan from there.”

Some Mount Pleasant residents are also concerned about fluoride.

John Emerick, a Mount Pleasant resident, attended Monday’s city commission meeting to speak to the commission about the issue of fluoride in the water. Fluoride is an issue that needs to be looked at, he said. Emerick brought DVDs and a packet of information about fluoride for the commission to review.