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Muskoka: Health Unit on municipalities that removed fluoride from drinking water

Source: Hunters Bay Radio | January 24th, 2019

Dr. Charles Gardner paid a visit this week to Muskoka District council to discuss fluoride, opioids, cannabis and all things related to the Simcoe Muskoka Health Unit. [Dr. Gardner is the Medical Officer of Health for the Health Unit.]

Gardner said the entire western world is in the midst of an “opiod crisis” and numbers in Simcoe Muskoka are higher than averages from the rest of Ontario. To help combat the problem, Gardner said the Health Unit has developed a comprehensive Simcoe-Muskoka opioid strategy.

The Health Unit has also been fielding a great many questions from municipalities in the region regarding cannabis, he said. In response, the Health Unit obtained a legal opinion in December regarding where, how and when marijuana should be allowed. They have since been disseminating the information across the region.

Five years ago some Muskoka municipalities removed fluoride from their drinking water, despite the recommendation of the Health Unit that they should maintain fluoride use. Gardner was asked whether they had found any increase in cavities in Huntsville since they had removed fluoride. He responded that there isn’t enough information yet but it is time to begin accumulating that information and report back.

*Original article, noted as a Press Release, is titled, Health Unit Updates District on Opioid Crisis, online at https://muskokaradio.com/news/article/health-unit-updates-district-on-opioid-crisis