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Nagaur gets water system, makes history

Source: The Times of India | May 4th, 2018
Location: India

Ajmer: Chief minister Vasundhra Raje gathered appreciation and admiration by inaugurating quality water supply project in four blocks of Nagaur on Thursday, through Indira Gandhi lift canal project. This is the first time after independence that quality water has reached the camel hump landscape of Nagaur district.

Raje inaugurated the water supply project in Makrana and later in Ladanu. In the last three days she inaugurated the water supply project in two more towns of Didwana and Jayal. Here dams are built on the canal to store water for supplying in different regions, water pumps and lift systems.

People of Nagaur were facing acute water problem and Raje herself went to them and gifted them the water system. The main region of Nagaur remained backward from development because of water scarcity and almost 80 percent of regions faced fluoride and saline water.

Even in the scorching heat a crowd of women were gathered to cheer the occasion. The chief minister said that the nightmare of water scarcity will now be solved with the new water supply system and it will help women who had to cover long distances to fetch water.

Nagaur is the major background for BJP as the district consists of Jats and Dalits and water has been the main demand of the region for many decades. Raje gave the message that her government is working hard and therefore it is the right time to start campaign in the region.

Makarana will drink Himalayan water

Inaugurating the water supply system on both the places Raje said that from Bikaner to Parbatsar people will be able to drink water coming directly from Himalaya. She said that before this Makarana was getting water supply in 12 to 15 days but now they will get within one or two days.

Giving the political colour while addressing the public gathering on this occasion, Raje said that she never made false promises when she came into power in 2013 the state was in debt of rupees 250 lakh crores but with the cooperation of everyone the state is now in developing stage. “Now mothers of this region will not have to walk long with pots on their heads for the sake of water,” said Raje. She added that, “People will also get relief from fluoride water. The hard work brought results,” added Raje.

She added that 24 villages of Salasar, Pushkar, Makarana and Parbatsar got 106 kilometre of road costing 96 crores and 26 kilometre of Makarana bypass costing 37 crores and she also counted other developments done by state government in the district on Nagaur.

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