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Natick Taps Wellesley Fluoride Supply To Avoid Disruption

Source: Patch.com (Natick, MA) | October 6th, 2021 | By Neal McNamara, Patch Staff

Natick was set to run out of fluoride for the water supply on Saturday until a gift from neighbors.

NATICK, MA — Natick will avoid a potential tooth ache.

The town was set to run out of fluoride for the drinking water supply on Saturday citing a supply chain disruption. That would’ve left the town without fluoridated water until after Thanksgiving.

But on Wednesday, the Natick Public Works announced that it had acquired a two-month supply of fluoride. The town thanked the the Wellesley Department of Public Works for the last-minute save.

“We thank our generous neighbors and partners to the east,” public works said in a Facebook post.

Many cities and towns across the U.S. add fluoride to drinking water as a dental benefit. The mineral strengthens teeth and prevents cavities in adults and children. (One notable local exception is Worcester, whose voters have knocked down ballot questions about the additive in past years).

Although fluoride helps teeth, it’s not necessary ingredient to keep drinking water clean and safe.

*Original article online at https://patch.com/massachusetts/natick/natick-taps-wellesley-fluoride-supply-avoid-disruption