Fluoride Action Network

National Fluoridation-free NZ Campaign

Source: Scoop | May 5th, 2009 | Press Release: Fluoride Action Network NZ
Location: New Zealand

A national “fluoridation-free New Zealand” campaign was jointly launched on Saturday in Whangarei, before a meeting of about 60 citizens, wanting their water to remain unfluoridated. The campaign comprises a coalition of national health-focussed organisations. Initially formed by Fluoride Action Network NZ (FANNZ) and Health Freedom NZ, it includes the NZ Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (comprising doctors and dentists), the NZ Health Trust, the Safe Food Campaign, the Weston Price Foundation, and the Soil and Health Association of NZ (Publishers of Organic NZ).

The campaign’s call for a nationwide ban on water fluoridation is also supported by other national organisations: GE-Free NZ, and the NZ Democratic Party for Social Credit.

Following a DVD of internationally recognised scientists, doctors, and dentists raising health concerns about fluoridation, coalition representatives from FANNZ and Health Freedom expanded on a number of issues, to the applause of audience.

“No doctor can prescribe medication for a patient he or she has never seen. Yet we allow medically unqualified councillors to do just that” pointed out Nicola Grace of Health Freedom. In 2006 the US Public Health Service warned parents not to use fluoridated water to make up baby formula. The NZ Ministry of Health denies it, yet it knows that the same warning appears in our own Baby Formula Standard report. “It is not safe for babies, yet we keep putting this toxic industrial waste, laced with arsenic, lead, and mercury, in our water. Are we crazy?” asks Mark Atkin, of FANNZ.

The campaign is encouraging people and Councils to declare “fluoridation-free zones” in the same way “GE-free zones” were declared some years ago.

The dangers of fluoridation have been well documented for over 60 years, and especially since the US National Research Council Review published in 2006. This review identified a number of groups at special risk – which total between 30% and 40% of the NZ population according to FANNZ’ calculations. “Maori and Pacific Islanders feature in these groups, and so are at special risk” the meeting heard.

Other international research shows that 1% of the population has a chemical intolerance to fluoride – just as some people have a wheat or dairy intolerance. “That’s 40,000 New Zealanders” advised Mark Atkin of FANNZ.

The meeting heard that fluoridation also increases dental fluorosis – an often unsightly tooth condition resulting from fluoride poisoning in infancy. “To promote fluoridation today as ‘safe and effective’ is grossly negligent. Anyone harmed by fluoridation has the basis for a legal claim for damages. Such class action law suits are being prepared in the USA, UK, and Australia” states Mr Atkin, a trained scientist and lawyer.

“Fluoridation was pushed onto the NZ public from the 1950s by collusion between the Department of Health, The NZ Dental Association, the University of Otago’s Medical and Dental Schools, and the Medical Research Council, as stated in the NZ Dental Journal December 2008, and the Army Dental Service. In 1958 the group, by then the Fluoridation Committee, adopted the same PR campaign tactics used by the tobacco industry to promote cigarette smoking” Mr Atkin told the meeting, quoting from his Masters thesis research. Promoters relied on the Napier-Hastings study, and US studies, to promote fluoridation, all of which have since been scientifically discredited.

“Misguided belief in fluoridation has become ingrained in the NZ public psyche as a result of this endless propaganda. Otherwise intelligent people refuse to examine the facts, and cling to a quasi-religious belief in fluoridation in spite of the overwhelming evidence that it is the biggest medical fraud in history. However, the tide has turned. Fluoridation’s days are numbered” assures Mr Atkin.