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Neepawa Town Council Briefs: Tuesday, Mar. 1

Source: MyWestman.ca | March 8th, 2016 | By Eoin Devereux
Location: Canada, Manitoba

Fluoride consultation:

Representatives from the Public Works committee recently met with three local dentists, along with a provincial consultant and dentist via phone. The gathering was an effort to get professional opinions on whether the town should continue to add fluoride to its water. The dentists suggested that it would serve the best interest of the town to continue using fluoride.

The addition of fluoride to tap water has been common across North America for many years as a means to help prevent dental issues, such as tooth decay. Recently, however, many municipalities have started reexamining use of the compound, as some new research has suggested the practice may not be as beneficial as first thought. Recommendation on whether Neepawa will continue to add fluoride to its water will be made in the near future.

Excerpt from article at http://www.mywestman.ca/community-news/4949-farmery-asks-council-to-rezone-land