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Nelson: Council supports remits

Source: The Nelson Mail | July 18th, 2014 | By Kate Davidson
Location: New Zealand

The Nelson City Council has decided its position on contentious remits over earthquake-prone buildings and fluoridation ahead of the Local Government NZ conference.

The local government body holds its annual meeting on Sunday in Nelson with delegates from around the country debating issues facing the sector.

The Nelson council yesterday discussed three proposed remits about earthquake prone buildings, fluoridation in water supplies, and reorganisation of local authorities.

Nelson Mayor Rachel Reese is the presiding delegate voting on behalf of the Nelson council.

She received a mandate from the council to support a remit for Local Government NZ to advocate for more central government support for owners of earthquake-prone buildings.

The council also supported a remit that the director-general of health, instead of local authorities, should decide on water supply fluoridation. The mayor said she would listen to the fluoridation debate, but would likely support it.

“I find it quite extraordinary that that decision is left to councils,” she said.

Councillor Brian McGurk backed her, saying fluoridation was a health issue rather than a local government issue.

A third remit calls for Local Government NZ to develop and maintain a policy on the reorganisation of local authorities.

The Hutt City Council, which proposed the remit, said it was increasingly concerned that majority of community views were being ignored in proposed amalgamations. It said the Local Government Commission had a preference for rolling out the “super-city model” similar to Auckland across New Zealand.

Reese said she would hear debate before she took a position.