Guangzhou-In November 2010, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of PRC released new standards of the access to fluorine industry. New plants with low productivity will be scaled out. The new restriction policy stimulated fluorine industrial stock price rise.

It is generally considered a good sign for the fluorine chemical industry integration.

The raw material of fluorine industry is fluorite, which is a non-renewable resource with limited reserves but a must for the nuclear-power electricity and dynamic battery development.

The high standard of production will drill in high-tech application, with higher utilization ratio turnout and smaller consumption of fluorite.

The government included a separated program for the healthy development of the fluorine industry, which drives the industry to the right direction of sustainable development. The government involvement in the restriction of fluorite and hydrofluoric acid exportation makes the existing fluorine plants step on development fast track while it may be the worst news to fluorite importing countries, for they are losing an import source with half fluorite reserves in the world.

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