Fluoride Action Network

New Health Minister asked for moratorium on fluoridation

Source: VOXY.co.nz | October 16th, 2014
Location: New Zealand

Dentists from the group FIND (Fluoride Information Network for Dentists) have asked new health minister, Dr. Jonathan Coleman, that water fluoridation be stopped immediately pending further research into the health risks associated with the practice.

This comes in light of a soon to be released internationally peer reviewed critique condemning the recent government funded review on fluoridation as being misleading, and pointing to health concerns.

Dr Stan Litras, of FIND, says the NZ review did not follow modern protocols to avoid bias, and the new report, which includes contributions from top international experts, will help to ” fill in the blanks”.

Large overseas reviews in UK, USA and Europe have indicated real health concerns and have called for further essential research to be done before water fluoridation can be claimed to be safe.

Dr. Litras suggests that the precautionary principle “do no harm” should apply, and fluoridation of water supplies should stop until such studies are done and proof of safety is established.

He is disappointed that the NZDA and NZMA are not calling for a moratorium, particularly given the recent banning of fluoridation in Israel on health grounds and the classification of fluoride as being a developmental neurotoxin earlier this year.

The international report on the NZ fluoridation review is expected be released next week to city councils and other stakeholders.