A new toothpaste for children aged three to six, which actively strengthens and protects teeth while it cleans them, has been launched in the UK and Europe. Developed by BioMin technologies, the toothpaste— BioMin® F for Kids—is being released in two flavours and contains a ‘smart effect’ that means it is especially effective when children consume acidic foods and drinks.

BioMin® F for Kids is based on the same clinically proven technology as BioMin F, helping to strengthen and protect children’s teeth and preventing them from damage.

“Traditional fluoride toothpastes become washed away by saliva in a relatively short time while, in contrast, BioMin’s ‘smart technology’ controls the release of fluoride for up to 12 hours after brushing,” said Professor Robert Hill, who with colleagues at Queen Mary University, London, developed the toothpaste.

“It is not the quantity or high concentration of fluoride in a toothpaste that gives protection to teeth, but it is the continuing presence of low concentration fluoride in the mouth.”

BioMin® F for Kids contains a polymer that adheres the BioMin particles to the teeth which is slowly dissolved by saliva, continuously releasing an optimum mix of fluoride, calcium and phosphate ions to produce fluorapatite on the tooth surfaces. It is this controlled release mechanism which means that a much lower quantity of fluoride is needed to have a greater effect.

At the same time the ‘smart-effect’ means that in the presence of acidic food and drink in the mouth, the toothpaste starts dissolving more rapidly. This restores the mineral equilibrium and starts the remineralisation process.

Launched in two flavours, melon and strawberry, the toothpaste is available to buy directly from BioMin’s Australian distributor.

*Original article online, titled New kid’s toothpaste actively strengthens and protects teeth, at https://bitemagazine.com.au/new-kids-toothpaste-actively-strengthens-and-protects-teeth/