Dentists have met with a group of anti-fluoride campaigners led by dentist Stan Litras in New Zealand.

Daniel Ryan, from Making Sense of Fluoride, said it’s important that people understand that the campaign group known as Fluoride Information Network for Dentists has a very small number of members and their beliefs do not reflect those of the vast majority of dental professionals.

The group, which is led by Stan Litras, has criticised recent calls for children to use fluoride toothpaste [see New Low Fluoride Toothpaste Best for Children].

Representatives from the New Zealand Dental Association maintain that fluoride toothpaste and fluoridated water can help to reduce the prevalence of dental decay in children, especially in deprived areas of the country.

Mr Ryan said it’s essential for people to understand that Fluoride Free New Zealand is a splinter group and doesn’t reflect the opinion of the dental profession in general. He also accused Mr Litras of using the media to encourage people to “accept his dubious statements”. He urged news outlets to rely solely on scientific evidence to create headlines.