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Newburgh Mayor Says His Focus Includes Development, Housing

Source: WAMC - National Public Radio | June 17th, 2019 | By Allison Dunne
Location: United States, New York
Industry type: Perfluorinated chemicals

Note from Fluoride Action Network

The City of Newburgh N.Y. was fluoridated on May 2, 1945, and was the key city in the first fluoridation experiments in the U.S. The control city was Kingston N.Y., which remained fluoride-free throughout the 10-year experiment. One of the major findings in this experiment was that the girls in Newburgh began menarche five months earlier than the girls in Kingston. At the time, no statistical significance was attributed to this, in contrast to today when many say this was a significant finding. This is what the report stated:

 “The onset of menstruation in girls was selected as an index of the rate of sexual maturation, since the menarche is an event which is usually readily dated. The distribution of ages at the nearest birthday at which menstruation first occurred is shown in Table 5. The average age at the menarche was 12 years among the girls studied in Newburgh and 12 years 5 months among the girls in Kingston. No statistical significance could be demonstrated in this difference, nor in the difference between the two cities in the proportion of girls who had passed the menarche.”
Reference: Schlesinger ER, et al. 1956. Newburgh-Kingston Caries-Fluorine Study XIII. Pediatric Findings After ten Years. Journal of the American Dental Association, March 52(3):296-306.

There were two other findings on bone and blood which are discussed in The Case Against Fluoride by Connett, Beck, and Micklem, published in 2010 by Chelsea Green.

Also read the Bryson & Griffiths report (Fluoride, Teeth, and the Atomic Bomb) which states “that scientists from the atomic bomb program secretly shaped and guided the Newburgh fluoridation experiment, and studied the citizen’s blood and tissue samples…”  This report was ranked the 18th most censored story in the 1998 Project Censored Series.’


The mayor of the City of Newburgh has his sights set on developing the waterfront, all while juggling ongoing water contamination issues and new staff members. WAMC’s Hudson Valley Bureau Chief Allison Dunne spoke with Democrat Torrance Harvey about the city’s direction.

Harvey continues to contend with PFOS water contamination that was found in the city’s water supply — Washington Lake – in spring 2016. The city wants to be reimbursed for costs associated with the contamination, and it wants the contamination cleaned up. Last summer, the city sued several parties, including the Air Force, over the PFOS contamination that originated at Stewart Air National Guard Base from the historic use of firefighting foam.

Meantime, he says the city is working on getting landlords up to code and getting rid of urban blight…

*The full article is at https://www.wamc.org/post/newburgh-mayor-says-his-focus-includes-development-housing