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Newburyport councilors on fluoridation

Source: The Daily News (Newburyport) | May 28th, 2014 | By Dyke Hendrickson, Staff writer

NEWBURYPORT — City councilors last night addressed several issues that might require public hearings in the future, but for the moment they were sent to committee.

… The council also sent to committee a request letter from Dr. Daniel Eyink, a local physician, who is calling for the removal of fluoridation from the city’s drinking-water system.“I am against the fluoridation of the water and would like it eradicated from the water supply,” Eyink said in a letter to councilors.

More than a half-dozen speakers from communities including Cambridge, Boxford, Methuen and Amesbury backed Eyink’s assertion that fluoride is bad for the public health.

The issue itself was not debated, but city officials said it would be discussed in coming weeks…

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