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Newburyport: Discussion on fluoride delayed two weeks

Source: The Daily News (Newburyport) | February 13th, 2015 | By Dyke Hendrickson, Staff writer

NEWBURYPORT — Discussion and possible council vote on a measure to discuss removal of fluoride from the city’s drinking water will have to wait at least two weeks, as the proposal was not brought out of the Public Utilities Committee of the City Council last night.

The measure had been forwarded by councilors Ari Herzog and Meghan Kinsey.

But Herzog told city officials that he wanted to delay discussion for at least two weeks.

Regarding the fluoride, Herzog said in a letter to City Clerk Richard Jones, “Due to my ongoing historical and legal research regarding Newburyport water service to Newbury and West Newbury, I’ve decided to hold off on the fluoridation debate until the council meeting of Feb. 23.

“It will be removed from committee then.”

At last night’s meeting, a letter from the municipal health officials stated they do not favor removal of fluoride.

When the matter was discussed at public forums in the recent months, dozens of residents spoke in favor of removal.

But it is unclear whether councilors agree, and the matter has been postponed.

City councilors last night also discussed whether to delay a ban on thin plastic bags with handles, but the measure was not decided at press time….