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Newly elected mayor of Corning wants to suspend fluoridation spending

Source: WETM-TV 18 | February 7th, 2008 | Reported by: Jeff Stone
Location: United States, New York

The Mayor of Corning wants to stop moving forward with the project to fluoridate the city’s drinking water. Mayor Tom Reed says he wants to put a hold on the project until November when voters will get to decide if they want fluoride in their tap water.

In September a Corning man got enough signatures on a petition to force the issue to a public vote. That vote could overturn city lawmakers approval in May to fluoridate the water in 2009. Since then, the city manager has been researching and moving forward with the project, but without spending any money.

Mayor Reed says the next step would involve legal review costs and other expenses so it would make sense to wait for the public to decide first whether it wants flouridation to move ahead. Next Thursday City Council is expected to vote on Reed’s recommendation to hold off on further spending.